Marie Eve Sauvage


I have been very fortunate to grow within a family that appreciates art & music, with supportive parents and two older brothers to grow next to.

Aside from my little girls’ dreams, to be a singer or an actress, I always have had an interest into photography as far back as I can remember. I find it fascinating, this power to capture amazing moments forever, as well as to create them.
My parents bought me a Nikon camera for my 18th birthday and since then I have had the opportunity to discover more and more about this tool and develop my passion.

My passion for photography might be somehow related with my fear of death. It could well be a way for me to immortalize every thing I can, every moment, every person I love and every thing that makes me happy, hoping secretly that it all lasts forever.

I left my home country, Mauritius Island, for Australia where I studied for a few years, worked and found love. One of my jobs has been with a photographer which has helped me determine what I do not like and make me look forward to be able to assert my own style. Later on I have had the great honor to follow a group of Aboriginal dancers, Common Ground, and to be their photographer for a few of their performances. I have learned a lot from them and it has opened a whole new window to the culture.

Being away from my home has developed another way of seeing the country, and appreciating things differently. What use to be seen as ugly, became somehow beautiful, and small details became treasures.

These years in Australia have given me the desire to find who I was and what I liked. I discovered as well as photography my love for playing piano, developed my ear and wrote a few melodies. I have also spent some time writing and now looking forward to a few art projects.

I still live in Australia, on the west coast, with my beautiful family: my little girl Elanora, little boy Cooper & soul mate Ben, where I have my photography business and a whole amazing world to frame with love around me.

Becoming a mother has definitely shaped for the better the way I see the world around me and the photographer I am today.

I cannot wait to keep traveling… Discovering and stopping time by a click… And I look forward every second to the next visit to my family on the colorful island of Mauritius.

If you like what I do, I would love to meet you and prepare this moment of fame for you and your family.

Take care,