One of the most beautiful days and memories of your life!

I have come across many amazing wedding photographers in Perth & I like to think that I will spend a lot of my time doing this type of photography.

From previous experience, I can think of a few little points to think about when choosing your wedding photographer;

1 – You want to feel comfortable around him or her, it’s a very special day with sometimes intimates moments, you want to feel free to feel and be. I love taking the time getting to know the couple, talking with them and what they would like.

2 – I think it is very important to take the time to run through your day with your photographer. I have worked with a couple that didn’t want to put too much emphasis on the pictures and were saying they weren’t feeling the need for too many pictures and too much time during the day spent shooting them. I respected their desire. I have been lucky that I have been able to get beautiful images of them but it could have not been enough. I also think that even though you say that you don’t want to put too much into it, in the end, you still will look for perfection in your images and you will want to see your images reflecting your amazing day.

Simple details like how your chairs are set up for your ceremony can have big consequences on your pictures. I like to stay discrete during the ceremony and not have to walk in front of the parents during the wedding, to have a row in the middle for example allows room for the photographer to walk and to be able to avoid walking in front of every one and blocking the view. The ceremony is often a very emotional moment and every little distraction will remove in one way or another the magic of the moment. Eg: someone walking in front of you, too hot, too cold, flies, noise… little details make a big difference.

3 – Organize your schedule so you have time for pictures and you won’t feel like you would rather be somewhere else, with your guests enjoying the sunset.

4 – Try to get an engagement shoot prior to your wedding! I love those! This allows getting to know each other, helps with feeling comfortable around each other and also helps the telling of a beautiful story for later. The location of your engagement session can be one you cherish together! It is a great experience, where everything slows down, where it might be all a bit hectic with organizing your wedding. Release the pressure, spend sometime to be just together and look at each other.


Family Portrait


Family Photography – so Precious! And it all goes so quickly!

I think no matter how many family photographers you have been through, a family shoot depends a lot on the corporation of the kids… and the husband!! Here in Perth, I have heard many husband who don’t really want to get the pictures done, but never have met any who has regretted getting it done.

It is also hard to choose the right family photographer. The one you choose will have to suit your family & understand your expectations from the session. We also need to be able to adapt to any situation and get the best out of your family and out of ourselves in order to create something great as well as a beautiful memory for you to share.

To make your Family shoot successful I suggest a few simple ingredients:

1 – Time, have time and no constraints, no rush, no where else to be, just time to be together and there. And make sure to get a photographer that has time to give to your shoot.

2 – Location, Even though I do end up with many close up, the location plays a major role. In order to get great pictures, the subjects have to be happy where they are. Your kids have to be willing to be there and able to have fun. Getting them to pose for you will only work with a few kids, and for a few seconds only. If we manage to work in a good location, we will have less constraints as to the backgrounds and most angle will work nicely, more freedom for them and possibilities for me. All this will help to get great natural shots.


3 – Let the photographer do the talking, To many times the kids look great but the parents are talking trying to get them to smile, stop worrying about this, relax, let us do our job! Most of the time your kids will look great no matter what they do, just have fun and your images will be perfect.

Most of the time I prefer framing a moment than a fake smile, it is hard sometimes to get the real kid, his real smile, not the one ordered. And many times my favorite pictures are the most natural one, where you can see the personality of your kid coming out.









Newborns & Baby Photography

What a pleasure to frame for ever the arrival of a baby. I cherished my pregnancy and wish I already had my latest camera when my little girl was just born. I just love photographing babies, and I don’t know of any baby photographers that would say differently. I am fully conscious of how divine it is, especially seeing how fast my daughter is growing up here in Perth. Nearly the big twos, she is my most amazing subject!

I have been across a few people that thought they could do their own pictures themselves, my husband is one of them, unfortunately it is never the same, and I regret today not having done more family pictures of us 3 since Elanora was born. Being so passionate about photography you would think I am able to convince my own husband to get pictures done! It is never to late and I will get around it! Don’t make the same mistake!


My special ingredients for a successful session;

1- If you will feel more comfortable with your photographer being a dad or a mother, make sure he is, then you won’t feel out of breath each time he or she is trying to handle your baby!

2- Go with the flow with your baby!

Don’t force anything! It is better to get some nice pictures then get all bad once. Each mood has its photographic endless possibilities, let your photographer find it. Step back and let the magic happened!

3- Make sure the baby photographer you choose & yourself have time!

Dads, Yes time is money, but these occasions don’t rise very often. There is a limit to how much time your photographer will give you (generally 2 to 3 hours) however you need at least that much to get beautiful shots.

4- Be flexible and adventurous!

I find that during the shoot where the mum and dad give it all, I get the most beautiful pictures. I personally love skin to skin photography. Much more than having a baby sitting in a basket with nice flowers around. I get it, its cute, but a baby skin to skin to his/her mum, nothing will ever beat that. The emotion that arises from those moments are amazing and touching. I always encourage skin to skin and always remind the parents, you do what you want with those pictures, if you don’t want to look at them for years to come, up to you, but you can be sure that there will be a little baby that will grow up and that his/her kids will cherish those pictures forever.

I did some pictures for a friend. To start with, she didn’t even want to be in the pictures… She ended up doing skin to skin and loved every single one of them! Make the most of your future shoot! You will never regret the investment!


The beautiful ladies


1st april 2014


The beautiful ladies.


Something special about them, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly.

I have been introduced to this network of mummies through beautiful Lisa. Meeting Lisa was so nice and perfect timing. I started going to this pregnancy yoga class, really nice teacher & amazing class. What I use to love the most is the relaxation at the end! Amazing, always wishing it would never end.

Lisa was that beautiful pregnant women, when you see her you just wish you were her friend kind of person! Beautiful long blond hair, beautiful eyes and smile… She simply seemed like the perfect new friend.

It took us a few lessons to get the conversation going and I think it was at my last class that after saying bye we exchanged numbers. We saw a bit of each other prior to labor, talking about each others’ fears and lives. One of mine being to ‘number twos’ myself as I would be pushing my baby out!! (About that!!) Solomon and Elanora are only a few weeks apart. After the first ‘baby madness’ weeks, we started catching up at each others’ chaotic homes, walking to each others’ houses and then progressively we started moving around, getting back into the world: coffee shops, south beach…

Now I have to admit missing them if I don’t see them for a week! They have both made the last 2 years here easier and a lot more fun then it would have been without them. Lisa is fun, real and just simply amazing. I really appreciate her values and her day to day with Solly. She is smart, relaxed, has projects and inspires to a lot of things despite the lack of time.


















The group we have spent the morning with today is Teeny Greenies, Larissa is the founder of that group. Larissa appears to me as a low profile, observant, class, kind and a generous soul. She is a breastfeeding advocates and seems to be a beautiful friend to all those women, supportive and true. Her little girl Laila is the cutest little one. I have been away for a few months and I think Laila is the one who has changed the most in a beautiful way.

Next we have the artist Sarah. So beautiful. She has long curly blond/brown hair. A very pretty face and a beautiful smile. The perfect smile and the type of laugh that just makes you want to laugh with her. Sarah seems to be a very strong person. I don’t know much of her life story but I know a little. Little enough to admire the mum she is. She probably finds her strength in her very handsome little boy, Monty.


 Then we have Kate. Ultimate kindness and superwomen Kate seems to always be the most touching and sensitive soul. She just has had a beautiful little girl Carla, number 2 for her after a little boy Sambo. Last time I saw Kate I was sitting just behind her and I could see her and Carla starring at each other as Kate was protecting her from the sun. Kate seems like the most honest person and close to her feelings. If it had to be someone I would say that she is the one always bringing the group back to deep emotions and feelings.

She is an artist and seems to be always taking in, always very kind in her words and reassuring in her voice.





 We also had mummy Jess and Laila today! I have not discovered their personalities yet but I am looking forward to it! Jess is always really nice and well dressed. Very class & reserved.

 I am the only one who doesn’t have English as her first language. I don’t find it hard around them, even if at times I feel a bit like an outsider, language or something else I don’t know. You see it can be quite embarrassing to call a ‘chicken’ a ‘kitchen’, or a ‘kitchen’ a ‘chicken’! I use to always make this mistake! I am getting better but I am sure I still make many without realizing!

If you are reading this Lisa, I am super grateful that you are my friend and I appreciate that you have open to me your circle of friends. I love that Ela gets to hang out with little Solly man <3


I know… They’re mums… Just like me.

They are all super mummies. And I find a little of me in each of them. 

For more pictures from the day please visit:

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Yesterday my best friend’s dad past away after years fighting a brain tumor. I have known him and his family for about 20 years now. They are all an amazing example of love and life. It makes me cherish even more my passion for photography and wish I had the honor to frame their family with love. My thoughts are with you.


Elanora N Jericco in Bunbury


Last week end we went onto a little family trip down south for Ben’s concert. The band Jericco came from over East for a WA tour and played at the Prince of Whales in Bunbury.

Since we have had our beautiful little girl it is much harder for me to be part of Ben’s music life. So last week end was great, we had Ela asleep upstairs and I have been able to be downstairs at the gig with earphones to listen to Ela.

Before bed time Ela was enjoying playing on the stage

Got some cool pictures of the Band Jericco during their show, check the bands page to hear their music!


Beautiful India


I have had a lot of chance finding an amazing friend in Perth, Jaime.

She is the most giving, thoughtful, funny and loving person. When Ben and I found out we were having a little baby Jaime was happy but at the same time sad and envious of our situation. She, at the time, hasn’t had found love yet, but it was not going to be to long before her life turned around.

Some handsome American musician felt in love with her and made the smart decision to keep this amazing women in his life. The man had been Ben’s best friend for his and became mine. Only 3 weeks after we have had Ela, Roby and Jaime came for a visit at our house with a big smile on their faces, Jamie was pregnant!

My best friend was having a baby! A few months later I have had the owner to do what I like the most, with people I love the most: immortalize their happiness, connection and love for their baby India.

Thank you for letting me in.

Love always.