Hi and welcome to Sauvage Photography! Delighted to have you visit my work!

In the comfort of your home, at a location you cherish or at my studio, we will spend from 30 minutes to 3 hours framing the beautiful smiles, expressions, moments, happiness & love that you share. I pride my photo shoots to be raw, fun, enjoyable, and a great long lasting memory you will spend together. I hope you will like what you see and if you have any question do send us a quick note by following this link [here]


I have separated my work into three sections, [Lifestyle] , [Events] & [CORPORATE]. I find it hard to be ever content about how I present my work but I think this time I might be onto a winner 😉

One of my few passions is to frame life and all its beauty. Whether it’s the special people who are part of your life, important events or something particular to you, it would be an honor to be the one photographing it!

If you want to find out more about me head to: [over there]